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9125 Marshall Rd B11 Cranberry Township,PA 16066 
Cenk Integrated Health
9125 Marshall Rd B11
Cranberry TownshipPA 16066
 (724) 553-5500
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Are you tired of sweating your life away in the gym 24/7 and seeing only minimal weight loss? Do you watch what you eat, selecting only the “healthiest” choices, with seemingly no benefit? Losing stubborn fat is hard, and gets harder as we get older. At Cenk Integrated health, we can make it as easy as a relaxing session under one of our FDA approved Skinny Light. A mere ten minutes basking in the special red light and you’ve lost two inches around your waist! Don’t believe it? Find out for yourself if The Skinny Light works! Contact us today for a consultation.

Doctor Supervised | Backed By Science

The Skinny Light is one of the most innovative weight loss tools available today. Utilizing unique “red light technology,” laying under the light for a ten-minute session will help you lose weight with no pain, no side effects, and immediate results. We know that the most frustrating aspect of weight loss systems, like liposuction, is their propensity for relapse. To ensure our results are permanent, we provide a guided supplement and meal plan for every client that helps reprogram their metabolism.

Benefits of The Skinny Light

• No needles or incisions
• Completely painless
• Non-invasive
• No downtime

The benefits of red light technology aren’t limited to weight loss. The specially modulated light also delivers tighter, smoother skin by increasing collagen and elastin. After a session with Cenk Integrated Health, you won’t just look skinnier: you’ll look younger and more vibrant too!

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You deserve to look and feel your best. If you’ve tried everything else with little to no results, contact Cenk Integrated Health today and ask about The Skinny Light. You can fill out our form, or call (724) 553-5500 to request a consultation.

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